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Susan Hall is an Intellectual Property (IP) & Information Techology (ICT) lawyer and is rated as one of the country’s top IT lawyers by ‘In Brief’ magazine. She is currently a partner at a prestigious UK Law firm and she loves writing, reading and sailing.

Legal Machina – based on an illustration of a 'Mathematical Machine' (computer) from a 1958 IBM promotional brochure titled 'World of Numbers'

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The Englishman's Unalienable Right To Photograph His Furniture

Eames Chair

Few people had heard of s.52 of the Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988 (which provides for a shortened 25 year term of copyright for artistic works which are exploited industrially) until the UK Government decided to repeal it. Now Ars Technica and Cory Doctorow (among others) are up in arms. What's the fuss about?

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