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I am an IP/ICT specialist lawyer, based in Manchester - passionate about invention, innovation and the ability of technology to transform the world. Living in the North-West of England, an area which was shaped by the Industrial Revolution, I'm also keenly aware of the capacity of technology to mar as well as mend, which is why one particular focus is waste management and innovative applications of clean and green technologies.

My practice straddles contentious and non-contentious business. I worked on the leading case on artistic copyright infringement, Designers Guild v. Washington D.C. . Now social media and IT security are an increasingly important area of my practice. Twitter has produced a surprising range of ways of breaking the law in 140 characters or less, while data has become the valuable 21st century resource.

I am a qualified supervising solicitor for search orders and work closely with IT forensic experts on this and on IT security issues more generally.

In addition to lecturing both here and abroad, I supply expert commentary to publications such as the Guardian, Computer Weekly and the BBC website and have appeared on BBC Radio Manchester to discuss Twitter’s impact on the Olympics. In terms of publication, though, probably my finest hour was having a Hallowe’en special entitled “Harry Potter and the Rule of Law” published in the Law Society Gazette.

My hobbies include writing (I’m currently working on a linked series of historical detective stories exploring aspects of Manchester’s radical and innovative past) and sailing. I’ve circumnavigated Great Britain in a 29ft yacht but now prefer warmer waters.

If you need any further information, please contact me.


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