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Is Google Now Searching Its Soul?

Google Welcome Sign

'The standard you walk past is the standard you accept.'

The ten-page anti-diversity manifesto circulating round Google is simply the latest round in the ongoing exclusion of women and minorities from tech. The cod-evolutionary biology relied on by its anonymous author is a pile of tosh with a long and murky pedigree, and feeds directly into both white supremacism and misogyny. The manifesto ignores the actual history of tech in favour of assumptions and baselesss generalisations.

The Google doc is the tip of an iceberg of discrimination and harassment. What is to be done?

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Format Shifting

Pathe phonograph 1898

On 1 June 2014 format shifting becomes legal in the UK. People will be allowed to make a reasonable number of copies of works which they own, but only for private, non-commercial reasons. No longer will consumers who back up their ebooks or copy songs from their CD collection to an MP3 player be infringing copyright. The rights are not limited to works in digital form, although the new exception excludes computer programs, which have a separate regime authorising back-ups.

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